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The founders' personality, personal development level and attitude are fundamental to achieve the success of a company.

Which of the following traits you would consider to be the greatest predictors of founder's success? (please select maximum three) *

Investors would buy a product, which uses artificial intelligence applied to psychological survey data, to provide judgement on the entrepreneurs' potential success.

Investors (such as Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, etc) would be willing to hear the judgement of other investors regarding the founders' personas, to reduce risk.

Investors would prefer a system to help judgement of entrepreneurs which is based not only in artificial intelligence, but also on human judgement from high-level VC partners.

Let's suppose that investors who are willing to invest at least $100K would buy a product to de-risk their early stage commitment, by judging the founders' reliability. 

Such product output would be based on the judgement of a senior venture capitalist and of an artificial intelligence algorithm. 

For this, they would pay a one time fee of: *

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Cambridge Humanae Ltd. is a science-based company, developing a monitoring platform to assist upper management of enterprises with impact responsibilities, by assessing human reliability and success factors with artificial intelligence and psychometrics.

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